Instagram for Aesthetic Injectors: How to Use the Platform to Attract New Patients and Build Your Reputation

Do you need Instagram as an Aesthetic Injector?


The short answer is…yes.


Instagram is probably the single-most important tool you can leverage to establish your reputation and ramp-up your clientele. 


Medical aesthetics and social media are now intrinsically linked. If you are a cosmetic injector and you are not using Instagram to build your brand and attract new clients, you’re really missing out.

Instagram is, at its core, a highly visual medium. It exists to share images and videos. It perfectly feeds into the creativity and aesthetic nature of medical aesthetics, allowing practitioners to showcase their knowledge, techniques, and results beautifully.


It can be used as a shopfront to display the services you offer to potential clients. It can also be used to showcase your long list of happy, satisfied clients to attract even more clients. With geography-based advertising, you can directly advertise to clients in your region, ensuring that they will give your Med Spa a call. Best of all, it allows you to build your relationships with your clients and prospective clients. Instagram allows you to showcase your authenticity, as well as be easily reachable for questions, bookings, and feedback.


You definitely need an Instagram account. But more than simply having one, you need to be able to run it well.


Here are some tips and tricks that we at Digital Glow Co. can share with you if you are hoping to use Instagram to take your med spa to the next level.


  1. Get your Instagram handle right

Your Instagram handle is the name of your Instagram account. Your Instagram handle should ideally be (or include) the name of your Med Spa, so that clients can easily discover you. Your Instagram handle should also match your website domain and any other social media accounts that you have. it is important to maintain consistency among all of your online platforms so that your patients always know how to find you.


  1. Learn how to use Instagram to showcase your Med Spa

    Instagram has many different post options, including images, reels, and stories. Take time to learn how to use the different post options to best interact with your potential and existing patients.

  2. Don’t be afraid to use hashtags

    Hashtags, at its core, are designed to attract a larger audience. Learn which hashtags are common and popular in the medical aesthetics space, how many you should use, and which ones you should avoid.

    For example, you can use location-based hashtags. These will attract viewers and followers who live in that particular region–narrowing them down to future clients.

  3. Know your audience

    Who are your current and ideal patients? Discover who they are, and tailor your content around them. Most Med Spas cater to young, middle-aged, and older women–this is exactly the demographic that uses Instagram. Take time to research which colours might appeal to them, which language might appeal to them, and what types of content might appeal to them.

  4. Be available

    Social media is known for its culture of immediacy. Instagram in particular allows clients and prospective clients to directly reach out to you. This can be an incredible tool to help you fill your booking calendar. To maintain solid relationships with your network, ensure that you reply to any comments or messages in a timely manner. This will demonstrate to your network that you are approachable and reliable.

  5. Plan your social media content in advance

    Ideally, you should schedule daily time to plan for your social media. Content can be planned out weeks–or even months–in advance. This will allow you to stay organized and stay on top of your content.

We hope you find these tips useful and insightful!

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