How You Can Leverage Social Media Influencer Marketing to Maximize the Reach of Your Medical Spa Services

How You Can Leverage Social Media Influencer Marketing to Maximize the Reach of Your Medical Spa Services


The power of social media to reach new clients is undeniable. Every Med Spa is using it to capture the attention of new clients, while retaining their loyal client base, and you can too! A strong social media strategy includes a variety of approaches: images, client testimonials, reels, written content, as well as influencer marketing. In this article, we go over the basics of influencer marketing, and how you can make the most of it for your med spa.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is social media’s answer to celebrity endorsements. An influencer is someone who has impact on your client base. Influencer marketing is when brands (including your med spa) partners with influencers to reach their target audience, which is made up of your future clients.  


Instagram and TikTok are the top platforms for influencer marketing, particularly in the medical aesthetic space. The visual nature of these platforms, along with the fact that they are incredibly popular among young and middle-aged adults, make them not only ideal, but indispensable for your med spa’s influencer marketing strategy. 


How to Hire and Partner with an Influencer 


Before considering who you wish to partner with, your med spa should have a clearly defined social media marketing strategy. This includes the following:

  • An established brand
  • A target, demographically-defined client audience. This is also known as an audience persona.
  • Clear goals. For example:
    • Acquiring new clients
    • Driving sales
    • Retaining existing clients
    • Increasing social media likes, followers, and comments


As a medical spa, your audience persona is generally limited to your geographical region. While an influencer’s follower count is a valuable metric, it’s not really valuable if their followers are dispersed across the world. Therefore, in order to really leverage influencer marketing, it would make sense to partner with an influencer who has followers that are based in your geographical location—this ensures that you can reach local clients who are likely to visit your med spa.  


With this in mind, you can start doing your research. Your research will involve looking up who are the influencers in your area. To do this, unlock the power of hashtags—hashtags can help you curate a list of the most popular influencers in your region. You can use hashtags such as #TorontoInfluencer, #VancouverLifestyle, #LifeinMontreal, #NewYorkLiving, #SocialCalifornia. The idea is to use hashtags which are geographically relevant, and convey a lifestyle, influencing theme. These will point you in the right direction as to who are the leading influencers in your desired region, giving you a perfect list of potential brand partners.


Once you have your list of potential partners, reach out to them professionally. In your offer, discuss your medical spa, some of the services that you offer, who your target audience is, what is the social media strategy you are expecting to execute, and ask for the influencer’s compensation requirements. 


Collaborating with Your Influencer 


Once you have entered an agreement with your influencer, you can collaborate on your social media strategy. Influencers are expert content creators, and you will gain the best value by allowing them creative input and direction. While you should have guidelines and expectations in place, allow them the freedom to execute their creative vision. You might be pleasantly surprised at the ideas they have in store!


Here are some of the trendiest influencer collaboration strategies that we’re noticing:

Contests are one of the most popular strategies to acquire new followers. Typically, the influencer offers a prize to their followers (such as a popular service offered by your medical spa), with contest entries consisting of following your medical spa’s social media accounts, or sharing your posts to their stories. The result: increased followers, increased reach, and the potential to acquire hundreds of new, locally-based clients. Here’s an example we did for Therapeutic Aesthetics for a Christmas-themed contest. 


Get [Service] with Me!
This concept, typically expressed as a reel (a short-form video) shows the influencer acquiring a service at your medical spa. These types of content can show off your medical spa facilities, answer questions your potential clients might have about that specific service (e.g. Is it painful?) while demonstrating a before-and-after look of the procedure, thereby allowing the influencer to inspire their followers to acquire the same service. The result: driving sales of a particular service you offer.


This concept can be expressed in both static image format as well as through reels. The idea is that your content creator partner reviews your service, thereby providing a glowing testimonial of the service and your med spa to their followers. This is essentially analogous to delivering positive, tailored Google or Yelp reviews straight to the feeds of potential clients. Here’s an example of how we helped a leading medical spa advertise their in-store skincare products, using influencer marketing. In this case, the influencer partner posted a skincare product review on Instagram, driving her followers to the social media platforms and website of the medical spa.


Measuring your Results

Vanity metrics like likes, comments, and follows are a great way to measure the success of your social media strategy. As you progress in your partnership with your content creator, you can expect that these metrics will shoot to the moon—this can be both dazzling and dizzying! As exciting as vanity metrics are, however, where your influencer marketing partnership counts the most is the ability of your influencer to drive new clients to your med spa.

A good way to assess if your new clients are connected to your influencer is by providing them with a code with which they can share with their followers. This code could also be tied to a discount or promotion offered by your medical spa. When your new clients acquire a service from your med spa with this code, you will know that they discovered your med spa through your influencer marketing partnership. A great example of this in action: We provided a 30% discount code for Therapeutic Aesthetics’ popular Glow Facial to one of their brand partners, that drove sales for this service.


Leave it to the Experts


We can take charge of your social media for you, leaving you to do the most important task: running your med spa.

Digital Glow Co. is a leading Medical Aesthetics Social Media Marketing Agency with a track record of helping our clients save time, improve their social media presence, and accelerating their practices. 

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